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Are you a Success-Minded Woman Navigating Change?

Do you have a yearning for something more in your life?

Feeling disappointed that life should be better?

Exhausted and overwhelmed taking care of everyone else's needs?

Feeling lost not knowing your next step?

Struggling to find your purpose?


I help success-minded women navigate their journey to reconnect with their inner power and purpose, moving them from surviving to thriving.

Create and attract new opportunities that align with your purpose.

Make an impact using your gifts and talents in the world.

Feel confident, healthy and energized.


"If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” - Gail Sheehy


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"Coaching with Amanda was a delight. She has a calm positivity and a wealth of knowledge and experience which she expertly brings to the coaching sessions. During the time we worked together, Amanda helped me identify targeted strategies and resources for my unique scenario and these have been instrumental in pivoting my career and establishing new goals. I now had a path for moving forward. I would highly recommend Amanda for anyone looking to shift their career and mindset – she understands the challenges, the balancing act of motherhood and work and the desires many feel to step into their calling and purpose. She will be your champion every step of the way!- Nicole W


"Before Amanda started coaching me, I felt very unsettled in my career, the road ahead seemed very unclear, but Amanda helped me to examine my current position and redefine my career goals.  Thanks to her guidance, I rediscovered my confidence, and established a clear path for a career transition." - Karlinta


"I loved the accountability and the positive mindset coaching provided. She helped me to find my self-worth and to feel good about where I was headed. She is compassionate, strong, well connected, and has keen listening skills. I highly recommend her to everyone and especially to women looking to be empowered in any area of life." - Lori A


"Amanda is the best coach I’ve ever worked with! She’s creative, empathetic, professional, knowledgeable and connected to people from all walks of life. One of the many things that I appreciate is that Amanda is very supportive of women and the struggles and biases that we have to deal with in the workplace. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a coach."  - Holly


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